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Hairless Worldwide, the place to find links to breeders of hairless dog breeds, health test locations and other information submitted by Hairless dog fanciers from all over the world.
And there is of course the show section where we list the FCI shows held in Europe this year. Make use of the menu above or just follow the links below to start
browsing our site.

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About Hairless Worldwide

Breeders Worldwide was created in december 2007 during a rainy weekend and listed only the breeder sections. In 2008 the showpage was added, soon to become the best viewed page on the site, as well as the first list of addresses to health test locations. Just in case someone would need it...
The following 2 years more links submitted by breeders where added and time spend on creating the showpage for the next year. March 2010 the site got its new look, the health section was extended and the sites name was changed to Hairless Worldwide.... After all, it's not only Breeders what is listed anymore.
I'd like to wish all visitors an easy search!


Placing your link on this site is of course free of charge. We do ask a link back to us though before we can add your link.
We do check the breederlinks on this site on a regular basis. When during one of these checks your site is unavailable the link to your site will be de-activated. If it takes to long before the link is re-activated whilst your site is available again, please mail us.
We now seldom check the links, we never get complaints about links not working so why should we?

FCI Shows Worldwide

With the new looks of the website (03.10) we also changed some things. One of the changes concerns the FCI Shows.... for years we tried to gather all shows worldwide but from now on we concentrate fully on the shows held in Europe.
We're sorry for the very few visitors interested in shows outside of Europe, complains can be send by mail.

Health Worldwide

Another change to the website we recently decided to make... we added a lot more test locations in the health section!
The lists of locations where created in March 2010. We only listed those locations of which we could be reasonably certain the service of choice can still be provided.

Clubs & News Worldwide

We're constantly on the look out for the more general breed links and important news reports. They have been moved to the Clubs & News section btw... neatly ordered on the right.